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Building Blocks


BBDC is building sustainability by creating an emergency operations center to coordinate violence prevention efforts currently being undertaken by many District agencies, nonprofit organizations funded by the District government, and community-led efforts.

  • The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is an adaptive and evolving process.
  • Each identified street block and community will have different needs, requiring different approaches.
  • The EOC will work across DC Government to meet those varying needs.

Working strategically and together we can save lives and build safe neighborhoods across DC by:

  • Improving outcomes for people by connecting them to services and opportunities, and managing the sustainment of that connection
  • Changing the physical environment by bringing government resources to bear on clear and solvable neighborhood-identified issues, such as removal of trash and abandoned cars, fixing streetlights, and addressing vacant buildings
  • Engaging and empowering neighborhoods by partnering with the community to identify solutions